Install Shapr3D Beta

You can install Shapr3D Beta icon-shapr3d-beta.png directly from the Shapr3D website download page. Occasionally, Shapr3D sends out invite links via email that allows you to directly download Shapr3D Beta.


To learn about the current features available for beta testing, visit Shapr3D Beta features.

Windows iPadOS/macOS

Follow this guide to learn how to install Shapr3D Beta.

Step 1: Download Shapr3D Beta

To download Shapr3D Beta:

  1. Go to the Shapr3D website download page.
  2. Under Windows, click Download for Windows to download the installer.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the installer to install Shapr3D Beta .
Step 2: Start testing features in Shapr3D Beta

Open Shapr3D Beta from TestFlight to start using it just how you would normally do in Shapr3D icon-shapr3d-app.png.

Here are some tips when using Shapr3D Beta icon-shapr3d-beta.png:

  • If you’re using an invite-only beta version, make sure to log in with your email address that got the invite to use Shapr3D Beta icon-shapr3d-app.png.
  • The three-device limit per account includes both Shapr3D icon-shapr3d-app.png and Shapr3D Beta icon-shapr3d-beta.png so if your account is logged in to three devices, the one with the oldest login date will be logged out once you log in to Shapr3D Beta .
  • To start modeling with your current projects, export them from Shapr3D icon-shapr3d-app.png and import them into Shapr3D Beta icon-shapr3d-beta.png.
  • Once you edit a project in Shapr3D Beta , it becomes incompatible when you import it back to Shapr3D . To prevent this issue, keep a copy or backup of your projects with the current version of Shapr3D .
  • Shapr3D Sync works separately for Shapr3D  icon-shapr3d-app.png and Shapr3D Beta icon-shapr3d-beta.png. For example, if you sync your projects in Shapr3D icon-shapr3d-app.png, you can only access those synced projects when you log in to Shapr3D icon-shapr3d-app.png on another device.
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