Do you support DXF/DWG import/export?




  • Peter | rs

    Hi there. Hope that this plan didn't change except for the current year ;) Would appreciate this functionality in design workflow for cnc machine.

  • Ironbull4x4

    That would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Claudio Floreani

    I really hope we can import DWG and SVG files. That would be a great enhancement in out workflow routines. Export to DWG/SVG of any plane section would be too.

  • Wayne Crolley

    any update on this capability / feature?

  • Zach Burhop

    I would like an update too. My cam software for my cnc uses dxf to make toolpaths.  Lack of dxf export is the only reason I am not going to buy pro and can’t Rely on shapr3d full time.

  • Ju Con

    What's the good word on this? DXF/DWG formats are required for most of what I'm designing for in the first place, and having to wash the exportable formats through other programs both wrecks workflow and adds licensing costs. Until that's resolved, the only sensible option is to drop Shapr3d despite the absolutely excellent interface. Is there a timeline for 2D exporting to be reenabled?

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