Conceptual design basics

Daniel Brunsteiner, Industrial Designer, navigates you through using Shapr3D for conceptual design and tips on which tools to use for an easier workflow.



Introduction to Concepting | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Dive into conceptual design with Shapr3D with this introduction to best conceptual tools in Shapr3D and using design history to create versions of project for quick iteration.


What is conceptual design? | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

In this introduction to conceptual design, you’ll learn how to save time and quickly get ideas across doing quick iterations in 3D just as if you were sketching on paper. This helps you to determine if your ideas make sense in the 3D world.


Concepting Fundamentals | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Learn how to import a hand-drawn sketch into Shapr3D and create a basic sketch of a laundry detergent model while working with constraints.


Using History and Extrude | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Learn how to adjust the shape of your design quickly by adjusting parameters for quick updates across your model’s history and directly editing model geometry in combination.


Using History and Real-time Previews | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Create a complex detergent bottle model, extruding the sketches of the outside and inner contours and adding a handle cutout. Then utilize History-based Parametric Modeling to quickly adjust feature details and iterate on your design.


Design Versioning with Parametric Modeling | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Get a walkthrough of creating iterations and working between direct and parametric modeling to edit elements of your copy directly as well as copy feature details from the original model’s design history to add to your iteration.


Visualize a laundry detergent model | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Get an introduction to visualizing your laundry detergent model, selecting an environment, materials, and colors — all your edits show instantly for prompt communication and finalization.


Items and Exporting the models | Shapr3D Concepting Fundamentals

Create and organize folders for your laundry detergent model’s different concepts and sketches, creating a clean space to view and decide on iterations of your concept. Select from the wide range of file options to export and share your model for viewing.

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