States of sketch points

You can determine information about points icon-view-sketchguidepoints.png in a sketch by understanding how different states are represented in the modeling space. The different states of sketch points are:

  • Unconnected icon-sketch-point-unconnected.png – Unconnected points are free to move in any way within the sketch.
  • Connected icon-sketch-point-connected.png – A connected point can indicate the following states:
    • The point is connected to another sketch point. Both points will move together when modified.
    • The point is connected to a line or curve with a Coincident constraint. The point can move along the line or curve or along a projection of the line or curve.
    • The point is connected to the center of a line with a Midpoint constraint. The point will remain at the line's center if the line's length or position is modified.
  • Locked icon-sketch-point-locked.png – A locked point is fixed and cannot be moved.


You can modify the states of sketch points by adding and removing constraints. For more information, visit Adding and removing constraints.

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