Data security and privacy

Shapr3D values transparency and user privacy. Refer to our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement page to learn about your rights, what kind of personal data we collect, and other related information about these types of policies.

Read on to learn additional information about other types of user data that Shapr3D collects, Sync encryption, and how to opt out from sending data.

User data collection

For more information, visit our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement page.

Sync data and data loss frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find answers below for frequently asked questions about Shapr3D Sync.

Can I integrate my own server instead of the cloud?

Not at the moment.

How are my projects encrypted in the cloud?

Currently, there is no end-to-end encryption; projects are encrypted at rest and in transit. The Shapr3D team has access to your projects but the team can only process your content to:

  • Grant you access to the services and any corresponding services, such as Sync and conversion services.
  • Maintain the services so they are in working order, such as troubleshooting or responding to incidents.
  • Comply with any legal requirements or governmental requests. 
  • Research how the services are used so the team can improve them.

Note: If you explicitly allow the Shapr3D team to access your content, that means the team can access your projects for the purposes shared above. 

Is two-factor authentication available for users and required for Shapr3D?

Two-factor authentication is not available for end-user authentication. It is required for Shapr3D employees who have access to the backend, including Shapr3D Sync.

Where are the storage servers physically located? Under what circumstances will you allow third parties to access them?

Storage servers are located in the Ireland region of Amazon Web Services. Shapr3D does not allow third parties to access projects stored via Shapr3D Sync, except for situations in which the company must comply with any legal requirements or governmental requests.

Shapr3D crashed and I lost my work. Can my project still be restored?

Yes. As long as Sync is enabled, your work is not completely lost. If you submit a request and provide Shapr3D consent to recover your work, our support team will do everything to help restore your project(s).

Opt out from sending data

When you first launch Shapr3D, a popover appears that gives you the option to stop the software from sending your data. If you choose to enable sending usage data, you can opt out at any time in Settings or Preferences.

When you opt out from sending data, our analytics providers will cease collecting all relevant feature usage data.

However, there are exceptions:

  • Crash reports will still be sent to Crashlytics so we can identify and fix crashes quickly. This crash report does not include any information that can be used, in itself, to identify individual users.
  • The data required for registering to Shapr3D (your email address, CAD experience, purpose of using CAD, and field of expertise) will still be collected. Otherwise, we can’t send you onboarding emails. To stop receiving emails from us, click Unsubscribe in any of our emails. If you want to delete your account and user data, submit a request to our support team.

For more information about Shapr3D's policies on data usage, go to Privacy Policy

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