Using the numpad

The numpad, or numpad calculator icon-numpad-symbol.png, is used to define numerical values for your projects. The numpad becomes available when you select a dimension label. You can enter values directly in the numpad or calculate a value by using the calculator functions.


Some dimension labels, such as the quantity for patterns, display a simplified numpad that does not include the calculator functions.

numpad-02.png numpad-03.png

To enter a value in the numpad, use the following methods:

  • Keyboard and mouse/trackpad: Type numbers and mathematical operators from the keyboard. Press Enter to complete the numpad.
    Note: When using a keyboard, you can type dimension values directly into an active dimension label without activating the numpad. For more information, visit Editing sketch dimensions.
  • Touch and pen: Select buttons in the numpad using touch or the cursor.


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