The Webviewer feature gives you the option to share your 3D models icon-modeling.png and 2D Drawings icon-2D-drawings.png with anyone via a web link. Your recipient can view your projects directly from any browser on any modern device. You can also password-protect your links to add an extra layer of security.

To use Webviewer, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Sync.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Under the Share & Embed tab, select Create Link.
    Note: If you disabled Sync before creating a link, a prompt pops up that asks you to enable Sync. Select Enable Sync to continue.
  4. Once the link is published, you can copy it from the Share & Embed tab and share it via any online messaging platform with anyone you want to view your project.
  5. To include 2D drawings in your Webviewer link, select Sharing Options and then enable Display 2D drawings.
  6. To change the access permission for your link, select Link Access, then choose your preferred options:
    • Anyone with the link – Anyone can view your model from the link.
    • Anyone with the password – A password is needed to view the link. To set a password, enter a password in the Add password field > Set Password.
  7. If you make any changes to your project, go to Share and then select Publish Changes to apply your changes. Anyone with the link will see the changes once they refresh the link.
  8. To stop sharing your project, go back to Share, then select Stop Sharing.

View projects via the Webviewer link

3D models

You can move, rotate, and zoom in and out the models while viewing them through Webviewer. You can also use the Augmented Reality functionality by clicking the AR button. To learn more, visit Augmented Reality.


2D drawings

When you view 2D drawings via a Webviewer link, you can move and zoom in and out of the drawing. You also have the option to copy or save the drawing as an image by secondary clicking (right-clicking) and selecting Save Image As.. or Copy Image, or download a PDF copy through the Download PDF button.


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