Capture your models via Visualization

Show, don’t tell. With Shapr3D Visualization icon-visualization.png, make your models realistic and aesthetic with materials and color. With over 100 materials and finish types to choose from, you can customize your models to be exactly how you imagine the end product.

Visualization has a Capture tool that you can use to quickly take pictures or snapshots of your models. Regular screenshots in the modeling space include the grid edges and UI elements while Visualization provides for a higher, more professional quality to capture project previews and deliver realistic snapshots. Easily access these images during presentations or client meetings to speed up the decision-making process.


To capture images in Visualization:

  1. Go to Visualization.
  2. At the top, select Capture to get snapshots of your visualized models.
  3. In the Save dialog, enter a filename and choose where you want to save your captured image.
  4. Select Save.


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To learn more, visit Visualization.
To learn about other ways to capture images of your models, visit Screenshot tool.

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