Modeling in Shapr3D

When you model in Shapr3D, the steps you create are recorded in the History icon-history.png sidebar, providing you with a full-length undo and redo queue for all your actions. The History sidebar keeps a history tree timeline with details of the connections you create within your model. These connections can exist between dimensions, sketches, and bodies of your design-build history. With History, you have the flexibility to quickly review and make modifications to your previous edits.

When you make modifications either directly on your model or from the History sidebar, the entire history tree automatically re-adjusts all applicable steps to keep the connection of edits you made in your model. To learn how to use the History sidebar, visit History.

If you don’t need to change how the model was built originally, you can simply keep the History sidebar closed. To learn about the concepts of direct modeling, visit How does direct modeling actually work?

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