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Shapr3D Basic is free of charge, while Shapr3D Pro is available with a monthly or yearly subscription. To prepare for software download and installation, start by checking the compatibility page.

Access the download links here:

  Platform   Installer  
  iPadOS icon-store-apple.png   App Store installer  
  macOS icon-store-apple.png   App Store installer  
  macOS icon-store-apple.png   Direct installer  
  Windows icon-store-microsoft.png   Direct installer  
  Windowsicon-store-microsoft.png   MSIX package  
  Windows icon-store-microsoft.png   Microsoft Store installer  


For detailed instructions on how to download Shapr3D, follow the guide below.

Windows iPadOS macOS

From the installer (Windows)

Access the download link in any of the following ways:

  • Choose your preferred installer here:, or choose directly from the following:
    • Install directly (Recommended) – For systems that can connect directly to the internet. Using this option, Shapr3D and its dependencies are kept up-to-date automatically.
    • Download package – For enterprise or restricted systems.


      This option requires you to download and install the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable. This method does not update Shapr3D automatically. Visit our website regularly to get the latest update

    • Install via the command line: For enterprise or restricted systems. Download the .appinstaller file to your computer and then use the following command in a PowerShell console:
      Add-AppxPackage -AppInstaller "Shapr3D.Package.appinstaller"
  • Go to > Get started for free > click Download for Windows under Windows.

From the Microsoft Store

Download Shapr3D from the Microsoft Store via your browser using this link:

Or follow these steps to download Shapr3D from the Microsoft Store app:

  1. Open Microsoft Store.
  2. Sign in to the Microsoft Store with your Microsoft account.
  3. Search for Shapr3D.
  4. Select Install.


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If you encounter any errors during installation, visit Installation issues.

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