Manage your personal account and team settings

You can manage your personal account and team settings on your Shapr3D account page. From the Shapr3D account page, you can:

  • Update your email address and password
  • Subscribe or view your subscription plan
  • Manage your billing information
  • Invite members to your team
  • Manage your team settings
  • View other teams you’re a part of



Access your account page

You can access your account page in any of the following ways:


Once you're logged in, select your profile at the top-right to access the following options:

  • Resend verification email – This option appears if you still haven't verified your account from the verification email we sent.
  • Help Center  – Takes you to the Shapr3D Help Center.
  • Account settings – Takes you to the Accounts settings page.
  • Video tutorials – Takes you to the Video tutorials homepage.
  • Community – Takes you to the Shapr3D Community page. Here you can interact with other users and the Shapr3D team. Ask any questions you might have, help other users, or even share your projects.
    Note: You need to sign up for an account to create posts and leave comments in Shapr3D Community.
  • Download Shapr3D – Takes you to the Shapr3D download page.
  • Log out – Logs you out of your account.
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  Verified account   Unverified account  


Manage your personal account settings

To access your personal account settings, click/tap Account settings.

From the Account page, you can modify the following information:

  • Your Name – To update your name, select Update > Enter the updated name > Save.
  • Email – To update your email address, select Change > Enter the new email address > Send confirmation link, then log in to your new email address to confirm the new email.
  • Password – To update your password, select Change > Enter your current and new passwords > Update password.
  • Delete account – To delete your account, select Delete Account. You can also access this option from Shapr3D by going to Settings or Preferences.


Manage teams

Teams feature

When you subscribe to Shapr3D Pro from the website, you automatically get access to Pro features, including teams.

With teams, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your own team
    • By default, your account becomes a team that you own.
    • You can choose to use your account individually or purchase additional seats to invite team members to collaborate.
  • Invitations to other teams
    • You can also receive invitations to join other teams.
    • To become a team member of other teams, you need to have a Shapr3D Website subscription.
  • Collaboration
    • With teams, you and your teammates can share projects in a single Teamspace.


The teams feature is not available for Shapr3D Basic (free version), EDU subscriptions, and App Store-based subscriptions.

Roles in teams

In teams, you can either be an owner or an editor.


The owner role belongs to the account that initially signed up. All the data and intellectual property (IP) created within the team belong to the team owner.

Team owners can:

  • Name the team
  • Manage the team’s billing and subscription
  • Add and remove seats
  • Invite and remove members


Team owners can’t be re-assigned and there can’t be more than one team owner.


The team owner can purchase additional seats and invite members to become editors.

Members with an editor role can:

  • Access the full feature set of Shapr3D
  • Create or import new projects
  • Move projects across spaces and folders
  • Collaborate in the Teamspace

Manage team members as a team owner

Invite team members

Team owners can add or remove members from the team directly.

To add or invite a new member as a team owner:

  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Optional: If you’re a member of other teams, use the dropdown beside the team name to select the name of the team you own.
  3. Select Members.
  4. Select Invite members.
  5. From the Invite members pop-up, enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite.
  6. To finish, select Invite.


Once a team owner adds a new member:

  • The team member gets editor access
  • A team member occupies one purchased empty seat
  • The team automatically gets charged for a new seat if all purchased seats are already assigned to a member

If members are removed from the team:

  • The removed member’s seat will remain available
  • The empty seat is assignable until the end of the billing cycle

Remove team members and reassign seats

To remove a member:

  1. Select Members on your account page.
  2. Select Settings (…) beside the team member you want to remove.
  3. Select Remove member.
  4. To finish, select Remove member from the prompt.
  5. To reassign the empty seats to a new member, simply Invite members again.


Joining a team

If you’ve been invited to a team, you will receive an invitation email. Simply accept the invitation to join the team and start using Shapr3D right away.

Note: If you can’t see the team for which you have accepted an invitation in the Shapr3D Dashboard, make sure to update Shapr3D to the latest version (the teams feature was first released in version 5.650). If the issue persists, contact our support team.


Your team subscription is handled by the team owner who sent you the invitation.

Team settings

You can update team settings such as your team name in Team settings on your account page.

To update your team settings:

  1. Select Team settings on your account page.
  2. Click Edit beside the setting you want to update and then make your edits.
  3. To finish, select Save.



You can manage your subscription billing information on the Shapr3D account page.

To manage your billing information:

  1. Select Billing on your account page.
  2. Click Edit beside the setting you want to update and then make your edits.
  3. To finish, select Submit.


Data ownership

All the data and Intellectual Property (IP) created within a team belong to the owner.

Manage your subscription

You can view or update your subscription from the Subscription page in your account settings.

View subscription information

You can find your subscription type under Subscription and Purchased via.


Purchase more seats

To add or purchase more seats:

  1. Select Manage beside Seats.
  2. Add the number of seats you want to purchase and then select Buy seats.
  3. If prompted, enter the details for your card payment and then select Update & buy seat.


Manage auto-renewal

To turn on or turn off auto-renewal for your subscription:

  1. Select Manage beside Auto-renews on.
  2. Select Cancel subscription.
  3. In the pop-up box that appears, select Cancel subscription.

After the cancellation, the subscription will remain active until the end of the billing cycle. 




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