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Settings or Preferences icon-generic-settings-win.png is where you can view your Shapr3D software version and set up or update your preferred settings for Shapr3D such as account settings, navigation preferences, and Sync.

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Access Settings (Windows)

You can access Settings through any of the following ways:
  • From the Dashboard, select Settings.
  • From the modeling space, go to File Settings.

Shapr3D Settings (Windows)


  • Single Key Action – Enables Command Search or Hotkeys.
  • Show Menu Button Labels – Choose your preferred way to display the menu button labels:
    • Always – Menu labels are always displayed.
    • On Hover, On All Buttons – The menu labels only display upon hovering your pointer.
    • Only for Hovered Buttons – Only the hovered button displays the menu label.
  • Undo/Redo Button Position – Choose Title Bar or Bottom Bar as your preferred placement for the Undo and Redo buttons.
  • Navigation Presets – Opens Navigation Presets.
  • Reverse Zoom Scroll Direction – Toggle to enable reverse zoom scroll direction.
    Note: If you're using a keyboard, visit Navigation Presets for more navigation controls.
  • Theme – Choose your preferred theme: System, Light, Dark.
  • Language – Choose your preferred supported language.
  • Tutorial Mode
    • Display clicks – Enable to display pointer clicks while modeling.
    • Display keyboard presses – Enable to display keyboard presses while modeling.
  • App Version – Check your software version.


  • Sync Across Devices  – Toggle to enable or disable Sync.
  • Sync Projects – Appears when Sync is enabled and auto-refreshes to show you the status of when your project was last synced. You can also select this option to manually sync your projects.






  • Email Address – Shows the email address logged in to Shapr3D.
  • Manage Account/Manage Subscription – Redirects you to the Shapr3D Subscription page in your browser.
  • Log Out – Logs you out of Shapr3D.


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