Editing sketch dimensions

Each sketch element has a dimension label icon-dimension-label.png where you can view and edit the dimensions and measurements of sketches.

Keyboard and mouse/trackpad Touch and pen

Edit a dimension

  1. Click the item to select it.
  2. Click on the dimension label.
  3. Use your keyboard to type the value of the new dimension or click the dimension label again to open the numpad.
  4. Optional: You can enter simple mathematical expressions (Example: 12+34 or 50/2) into the dimension label or use operators of the numpad to calculate the final value of the dimension.

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To learn more about modifying numerical values, visit Defining and calculating numerical values.

Dimension Types

The types of sketch dimensions are length, diameter, radius, and angle.


The length is the distance between two endpoints such as a line.

You can define the length of two endpoints with the following distance types:

  • Absolute – Distance between the two endpoints of a line.
  • Horizontal – Distance between the two line endpoints relative to the horizontal axis.
  • Vertical – Distance between two line endpoints relative to the vertical axis.

To define a distance type, select the Distance Type badge that appears beside the dimension label.


The diameter is the distance between two points in a circle that passes through the center.

You can define the diameter of circles.

To define a circle by its diameter, your Circular Annotation in Settings or Preferences [link to article] must be set to Radius and Diameter.


The radius is the distance between the center of a circle to any endpoint. For circles, the radius is half of the diameter. Meanwhile, ellipses have two radii: major and minor, where the major is the larger of the two.

You can define the radius of circles, arcs, and ellipses.

To define a circle by its radius, your Circular Annotation in Settings or Preferences must be set to Always Radius


The angle is formed by the common point of two intersecting lines. 

You can define the angle of the following sketch elements:

  • Between two connected or unconnected lines
  • Between two connected splines or arcs
  • Between a connected line and arc or spline

To change the angle between two elements, select them and then enter the new value of the angle. 

Learn more by watching the video below:

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