Using the gizmo

The gizmo icon-generic-gizmo.png provides directional control for several tools within Shapr3D. The parts of the gizmo are detailed below.


Gizmo center

The gizmo center has two functions: 

  • The gizmo center defines the center of any rotational movement.
  • The gizmo center controls the orientation of the gizmo.

You can move the gizmo center by dragging. The gizmo center will snap to existing geometry such as axes, faces, edges, sketch profiles, and construction geometry. This allows you to define a new center for any rotational movement or reorient the gizmo.



Some tools include an Auto-orientation option that can you can turn on or turn off Turning off this option prevents the axes of the gizmo from aligning with other geometry


Gizmo arrows provide linear and rotational controls. Arrows can be used in two ways:

  • Drag an arrow to move in a direction dynamically.
  • Select an arrow to display the numpad and enter a precise value for movement in the selected direction. 


Gizmo tiles can be dragged for linear movements along a plane. 

Dimension label

Dimension labels will appear next to a selected gizmo arrow. They display the current value for the movement and can be selected to modify the value using the numpad.

Copy badge

The Copy badge icon-generic-copy-true.png can be used to create a copy of the original item that is selected. 

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