Defining and calculating numerical values

When you model, you can quickly define or calculate numerical values such as length, radius, or distance, using a keyboard or the built-in numpad.

Keyboard input Using the numpad

You can directly define values in both 2D and 3D views for dimension labels or annotation badges.

To define and calculate numerical values while you’re modeling:

  1. Click the dimension label.
    Note: Depending on your settings or current state, you may need to click an item or gizmo arrow to show the dimension label.
  2. Use your keyboard to input the new value.
  3. To make calculations, input the values and basic mathematical operators.
  4. Optional: For multiple dimension labels available in the current position, you can move between them by pressing the Tab key.
  5. To finalize the value, press Enter.


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To learn more about dimension labels in sketches, visit Editing sketch dimensions.

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