Selecting geometry

You can use a pen, mouse, or trackpad to select any geometry. There are various methods available for selecting geometry icon-selection-filter-all.png based on your input device and what you need to select.

Menus are customized based on your selection in the modeling space. For example, when you select a body, tools appropriate for working with bodies become available in the menu. Or when you select a sketch element, the sketch tools are automatically made available. For more information, visit Accessing tools.

Basic selection

The methods for making selections are listed in the table below:




Keyboard and mouse/trackpad


Touch and pen



Select a face, sketch, or edge   Click once   Tap once  


Select an entire body   Double-click   Tap twice  


Select connected sketch elements   Double-click   Tap twice  


Select multiple items, one by one   Press the Shift key and click each item   Tap each item without interruption  


Select all  

macOS: ⌘A 
Windows: Ctrl+A

  Long-tap the screen and drag across the space to activate the Area Selection tool.  


Deselect all    Click an empty area.
Windows/macOS: Esc
iPadOS: ⌘ . 
  Tap an empty area  


Select an area    Click in the modeling space and drag the pointer across the space to activate the Area Selection tool.   Long-tap the screen and drag across the space to activate the Area Selection tool.  


You can also make selections from the Items Manager.

Area Selection

The Area Selection tool is triggered by drawing a selection box in the modeling space. The Area Selection tool functions differently based on the direction that the selection box is created. There are also filters that can be used to specify what elements you want to include in the selection. For more information, explore the sections below:

Selection box direction

You can control what is included in the area selection by modifying the direction you draw a selection box:

  • Left to right
    Creating a selection box from left to right will only select elements that are completely within the selection box.


  • Right to left
    Creating a selection box from right to left will select all elements that the selection box touches.


Using filters

While making your selection, you have the option to filter the selection based on item type. Options include:

  • All Items
  • Bodies Only
  • Faces Only
  • Edges Only
Keyboard and mouse/trackpad Touch and pen
  1. Keep the selection box active by holding the mouse/trackpad button.
  2. Adjust the filter using these methods:
    • Press the Tab key to cycle through the selection filters.
    • Use the following keyboard shortcuts:
      • B = Bodies Only
      • F = Faces Only
      • E = Edges Only


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