Boolean operations

Boolean operations in CAD, commonly known as the Union, Subtract, and Intersect commands, are a set of 3D modeling tools that can merge, separate, or create geometry from existing bodies. These tools allow you to create complex shapes and forms of your models.

In Shapr3D, boolean tools have a Keep Originals option that you can use to keep the original bodies of your model after completing the operation. Keeping your original bodies can be useful for later use or if you want to keep a backup for each part.

Another tool that uses boolean operations is Extrude. When creating an extrusion, the Extrude tool provides you with a boolean badge with the options for Union, New Body, Subtract, and Intersect to help you easily choose your preferred extrude type.

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To learn more about each boolean tool and the different settings for their Keep Originals option, visit Union, Subtract, and Intersect.
To learn more about other available 3D modeling tools, visit the Tools menu.

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