Section View

A section view shows the internal parts of 3D bodies. It looks as if you cut through an entire length of the model. You can use the Section View icon-view-section-view-false.png tool to look at and modify the internal parts of your model.

You can create a section view in just a few steps:

  1. Choose a plane. This is the section plane that you will use to cut through your 3D model. For example, select Top if you want to see the internal section of your 3D model from the top.
  2. From the modes in the main menu, select icon-view-section-view-false.png to turn on Section view
  3. Select icon-view-section-view-true.pngto turn off Section view

You can also select a plane or face and then select icon-view-section-view-false.png to see the section view along the plane or face. 


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