Views and Appearance

Access View/Views or Appearance to update your preferred view and appearance settings for your modeling space such as grid position, projection, and surface analysis. 

To access the view and appearance settings:

  • Windows: Select icon-views-appearance.gif to access the Views and Appearance tab settings or select View from the menu bar.
  • iPadOS: Select icon-views-appearance.gif to access the Views and Appearance tab settings.
  • macOS: Go to the Mac menu bar and then select View.


  • Default View Select to reset your view.
  • Views Select between Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right, and Left as your preferred plane during 2D modeling.
    Note: You can also use the Orientation Cube to choose a plane or reset your view.
  • Grid Position Choose between XY Plane, YZ Plane, and ZX Plane as your preferred planar orientation.


  • Field of view Fine-tune your view or projection by selecting your preference on a scale of 0 (orthographic) to 90 (perspective) degrees.
  • Show Hidden Edges Toggle to enable or disable hidden edges. This setting makes the bodies transparent, and highlights and selects their edges. This is useful if you have a complex geometry and you want to see what’s “inside.”
  • 2-Finger Rotation Enable this option to use two fingers to rotate your view without moving the position of the camera.
  • Circular Annotations (Windows only) Choose between Always Radius or Radius and Diameter as your preferred annotation for circular sketches and geometry.
    Note: To change circular annotations for iPad and Mac devices, go to Settings or Preferences.
  • Surface Analysis Toggle to Show Zebra. When zebra is enabled, you can see how the surfaces meet and determine the surface continuity (G0, G1, and G2). Under Direction, you can specify whether the stripes should be horizontal or vertical.
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