Augmented Reality

Shapr3D supports augmented reality (AR) icon-apple-ar.svg which allows you to visualize your 3D model in the real world on your camera-equipped device by creating a virtual prototype of your project. With AR technology, you can see exactly how your project will look in its intended place.

This kind of visualization provides great feedback on different project aspects, from dimensions to aesthetics, giving you more insight into your prototype project at any point in your workflow. If you see something that could be tweaked or doesn’t quite match up with what you imagined, you can make the required adjustments immediately.


To use the AR feature, you need a device with a rear-facing camera that supports Augmented Reality. This includes most modern smartphones, all iPadOS, and a few Windows tablets.

Accessing AR

There are three main ways to use AR:

  1. On iPadOS devices, you can launch an AR preview directly from the app.
  2. Export your project to the Webviewer and open the link with your smartphone.
  3. Export your project in a suitable format and use a 3rd party application.

AR previews on iPads

If you are on an iPad, AR preview can be accessed in multiple ways:

  • While in Visualization, select the AR icon at the top.
  • From the modeling space, access AR preview through any of the following:
    • Go to Export > Usage tab > Augmented Reality > Preview 3D Model
    • Select Share > Share & Embed > Export Project > Preview 3D Model

To use AR, simply aim your device's camera to a setting in which you want to visualize your model.

Use your touch to freely move and scale the model so it fits better in your environment. 

You can also check the rendered model and zoom in on the details by selecting the Object tab at the top.


Return to the AR tab and select the Shutter button to capture the screen. The exported image will automatically save to your gallery.


Using a smartphone via the Webviewer

This is the easiest way if you are designing on a laptop or a desktop computer without a rear-facing camera.

  1. Enable Sync.
  2. In your modeling space, select Share.
  3. Under the Share & Embed tab, select Create Link.
  4. Open the link on your smartphone.
  5. Tap the AR icon in your mobile browser.

Exporting your project and using a 3rd-party application

You can also export your projects in a suitable format and open it in 3rd-party applications that support Augmented Reality previews, such as Microsoft 3D Viewer, Apple Quick Look or Adobe Aero.

The best visual quality can be achieved through the USDZ format, currently only available on Apple platforms. 3MF is widely supported but at the moment we don’t include materials or colors set in Visualization in the export.

To learn more about exporting in different formats, visit Export.

To learn more about AR, watch our introduction video: 

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