The History sidebar provides you with the complete feature tree timeline of all edits you make to your model. The timeline consists of individual steps that are recorded every time you make an edit. Each step represents a feature or action with an expandable card that allows you to view or edit the corresponding parameters you defined.

Explore the History sidebar

To show or hide the History sidebar, tap History icon-history.png.

Each recorded step has an expandable card to view the parameters you previously defined. To expand a history card, click/tap the arrow beside the step.

History step settings

You can hover over a step and select the three dots to access the step settings. The step settings give you the option to do the following:

  • Insert Breakpoint – Adds a breakpoint after the step. Steps after the breakpoint are temporarily disabled and will not be visible on your model. To remove a breakpoint, simply hover over the breakpoint and then select the X.
  • Suppress/Unsuppress – Suppressing a step hides the step from the history and removes it from your design-build history while unsuppressing a step adds the step back to your model history. Suppressing and unsuppressing a step is useful for instances where you want to remove a step you created but don’t want to temporarily delete it.
  • Zoom To – Zooms to the part of your model where you performed the specific step.
  • Rename – Updates the step name.
  • Duplicate – Duplicates the step.
  • Delete – Deletes the step.
  • Expand/Collapse – Another way to expand or collapse the history card.


History card parameters

You can view or modify parameters you defined for relevant steps in their equivalent History card.

Below are some examples of parameters you can find in the history card for Extrude, Fillet, and, Chamfer:







Learn more by watching the video below:

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