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Upgrade your account to Shapr3D Pro icon-shapr3d-pro.png to experience full functionality. With Shapr3D Pro, you can create unlimited projects and gain access to more advanced features such as Visualization and 2D drawings. Visit our Pricing page to learn more about the difference between Shapr3D Basic and Shapr3D Pro.

If you're a new user and want to test if Shapr3D Pro is for you, you can subscribe to the 14-day free trial. 

You can subscribe from the Shapr3D website or from Shapr3D via the App Store. Subscribing from either method will give you the full features that Shapr3D Pro offers, but we recommend subscribing via the website for these added benefits:

  • You can pay with a company card.
  • You can deduct VAT by providing your company VAT number.
  • Your full subscription payment goes to Shapr3D without a commission paid out to Apple.

Subscribe to Shapr3D Pro

From the website From the App Store
  1. If you haven't yet, create a Shapr3D account.
  2. You can access the subscription page in the following ways:
  3. If prompted, choose Pro.
  4. Choose between a Yearly or Monthly payment plan, then select Start 14-day free trial.


  5. Enter your card payment details under Credit card details.
  6. If required, enter your billing details under Billing information.
    Note: Billing information may be optional depending on your country if you don't enter a tax ID. If you enter a tax ID, billing information is mandatory.
  7. Optional: If you have a valid coupon code, click Add coupon code. To learn more, go to the Add coupon code section.
  8. Select Pay now or Start Free Trial.
  9. Once your payment is successful, you will receive an invoice via email.
    Note: If you encounter issues subscribing from the website, contact support.
  10. To check if your subscription is successful, go back to the Subscription page in your account to confirm that your subscription has been updated.
    Note: By default, your subscription automatically renews. You can turn off auto-renewal by cancelling your subscription.



If you choose to cancel your subscription or downgrade to Shapr3D Basic, you will still have full access to all features until the subscription expires.

Add coupon code

For website subscriptions, Shapr3D occasionally offers discounts and promotions. If you have a valid coupon code, you can add it at checkout:

  1. From the payment details screen, click Add coupon code.


  2. In the Enter code field, enter your coupon code, then select Apply to continue.


  3. To finish subscribing, click Pay now or Start Free Trial.

Enterprise license

Shapr3D offers subscriptions for enterprises as well. If you're looking for an Enterprise license, request a quote to kick off the discussion about the pricing.

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