Shapr3D Basic

Shapr3D Basic icon-shapr3d-app.png is a free version with a lot of accessible modeling essentials, making it an excellent tool for creating models or practicing your CAD skills.

Shapr3D Basic features

With Shapr3D Basic, you have access to the following:

  • Fundamentals:
    • Access your account across Windows, iPadOS, and macOS platforms
    • 2D sketching and constraints
    • 3D solid modeling
    • Augmented Reality viewer
    • Projects
      Note: You can create a maximum of 2 projects.
  • Shapr3D Cloud: Shapr3D Sync
  • Import: All supported files. To learn more, visit Import.
  • Export: Low-resolution STL and 3MF only. To learn more, visit Export.

Upgrading your plan

You can upgrade your Shapr3D Basic plan to Shapr3D Pro anytime to access more advanced features such as Visualization and 2D Drawings.

Visit Shapr3D Pro to learn how to subscribe, and our Pricing page to learn more about the difference between Shapr3D Basic and Shapr3D Pro


If you choose to cancel your subscription or downgrade to Shapr3D Basic, you will still have full access to all features until the subscription expires.

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