Context menus

When modeling with a keyboard and mouse/trackpad, you can use context menus icon-generic-more.png to select commands, actions, or options relevant to your workflow. 

Context menus are available for the following features:

  • Orientation Cube - Provides relevant options such as the Default View, Top View, and Zoom to Fit.
  • Sketching - Provides relevant options to the sketching tool you selected such as the option to add a control point spline after you select Spline.
  • Modeling - Provides relevant options to 3D modeling such as Isolate selection and Zoom to Selection.
  • Visualization - Provides common options for Visualization such as Set as Focus Point and Remove Focus Point
  • 2D Drawings - Provides 2D drawing-related options such as New Font View and Add Bodies

To open a context menu, simply use your secondary click (right-click), and then select your preferred action.


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To learn about other quick methods to access commands, actions, or options, visit Keyboard shortcuts, gestures, and hotkeys.

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