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One option for accessing commands is to perform a search. Command Search icon-search-win.png allows you to type the name of the tool you are looking for and activate it from the search results. Searching for commands can save you the time you might otherwise require to browse through menus. 

Note: For information on other options for accessing tools, visit Accessing tools.

To use Command Search by default, your Single Key Action setting must be set to Command Search in Settings or Preferences

To learn how to access the Command Search function, expand the sections below:

Keyboard and mouse/trackpad Touch and pen

If you have access to a keyboard, there are several ways to access Command Search:

  • Hotkey or keyboard shortcut:
    • macOS: Press X or Command + F
    • Windows: Press X or Ctrl+F 
  • Use the top bar (macOS or Windows only)
    • Windows: Select the Magnifying Glass
    • macOS: Type in the Search Commands field
  • From the main menu, select Search Commands


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If you have an older version of Shapr3D, your default setting might still be set to trigger command search as you start to type. If you are on this setting, you can’t use hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts for actions. For more details, visit Keyboard shortcuts, gestures, and hotkeys.

Tips for Command Search

The search box automatically updates a list of search suggestions as you type. You can launch tools directly from the search field or the list of suggestions. You can also take advantage of other functionality of Command Search, like using it to access recent tools or pre-selecting items in your project to initiate a search for selection-based results.


You don’t need to be precise with your search terms: Shapr3D automatically finds the best match to the letters you typed so you can even use shortcuts like “p3” for “Add Plane - 3 Points” or “snu” for “Scale - Non-uniform”.

Explore the table below for more information on how to utilize these functions.




Keyboard and mouse/trackpad

  Touch and pen  


Auto-complete text   Press the right arrow




Cycle through suggestions   Press the up and down arrows




Run a command from search suggestions  
  • When a suggested command is highlighted, press Return or Enter
  • Click a suggested command in the list


Select a suggested command in the list  


Clear the search  
  • Press Delete
  • Click the X icon


Tap the X icon  


Access recent commands   Clear any text from the search field


Clear any text from the search field  


Search results based on a selection   Pre-select items in your project, then launch Command Search


Pre-select items in your project, then launch Command Search  


Close Command Search  
  • Press Escape
  • Click outside of the search box


Tap outside of the search box  


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