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5.620 - Merge History steps

Greatly improve your workflow with these new updates to Design History and Visualization.

Design History:


Design History

Merge History steps

Now you can merge history steps with just a single click to remove dependencies between bodies and sketches. Before merging, you have the option to delete or keep your sketches.

To merge History steps, click/tap History from the History sidebar and then select Merge.


The Project tool now has a new option to project sketches without retaining a connection to their origin, allowing you to make further edits on projected sketches.

When creating a new projection, simply turn off the new Linked Sketch option to create sketch projections without a connection relationship to the original items.


Project items into a sketch

The Project tool can now project items into an existing sketch.

When projecting multiple items such as edges onto the same sketch, the sketch projections are now organized into a single sketch in the Items Manager, making it easier to manage your projections.

Multiple copies with the Copy badge

The copy badge now has the option to create multiple copies.

When using the Move/Rotate tool, turn on the Copy badge, then drag the item to the place(s) where you want to create a copy. To stop creating copies, turn off the Copy badge.


Move/Rotate gizmo center

The gizmo center of the Move/Rotate tool now adjusts more effortlessly during consecutive transformations.


Snapped sketches connection

Sketches snapped to a face center point now create a connection, allowing you to keep your sketches snapped when modifying earlier History steps.

Circle center points snap to holes

Circle center points now snap to holes, giving you more precision in your workflow.

Items Manager red text notification

The Items Manager no longer displays red text notifications for invalid bodies.

Constraint badges user interface

For iPadOS, constraint badges are now more spread out in the modeling space, ensuring they’re not in your way when sketching.


Material filter remains selected

Your recently chosen material filter now remains selected when switching between different spaces.


Used Materials for visible bodies

The “Used Materials” list now only displays the materials for visible bodies, making it easier to work with isolated bodies.



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