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5.450 - New Visualization materials

This release brings you exciting updates to Visualization, 2D Drawings, and the views menu section.

Visualization materials

Now you can realize your design goals with new wood materials in Visualization such as ash, bamboo, beech, cherry, douglas fir, and painted wood. Achieve even more realistic looks with the addition of colorable cast iron and rubber tire, and visual improvements to diamond plate and oak materials.

This example gives you a quick overview of the new materials added to Visualization.


2D Drawings snapping dimensions

Min-max distance, line-line angular, and three-point angular dimensions now also snap in 2D Drawings. To add dimensions, just go to 2D Drawings and then select Dimensions. To learn more, visit 2D Drawings.

Units and grid size display

Instead of the static grid icon, you can now find your current grid size and selected unit displayed in real-time. With this update, you can get quick visibility anytime as you make adjustments to the grid while modeling.

In this example, the units and grid size icon dynamically updates while zooming in to the model.


Make sure to update Shapr3D to experience these changes. As for what's coming next, stay tuned to be in the loop.

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