5.460 - Base and projection views

We’re back again to give you exciting updates to 2D Drawings. We also added a few more improvements to the menus:

New menu bar on Windows

Now you can access frequently used functions more quickly with a new menu bar at the top of your screen.

Click through the menus to find the basic options for FileEditView, and Help.


To learn more, visit: Shapr3D modeling space.

2D Drawings

This release brings you a lot of enhancements to 2D Drawings. Read on to discover how you can achieve a more organized workflow.

Base and projection views

Adding base views just got easier with the new Base View and Projection View options. With base and projection views, you can create well-organized 2D Drawings faster and much more efficiently.

Simply add a new base view and then select the plus icon to automatically see the preview of the available projection views that you can choose from. To place your chosen projection view, just select the plus icon.


Automatic alignment for projection views

Revamping the option for Base View and Projection View doesn't just stop with a simple creation. Projection views now align automatically, allowing you to focus more on the finer details of your drawings.

Drag your projection views around the drawing sheet and worry no more about having to manually align their adjacent drawings.


Automatic alignment for section views

Just like projection views, section views can now align automatically. Section views you create automatically align with their parent views to help provide you with an even more consistent look.

Just drag your section view to your preferred location and see how its parent view follows along.


Isometric view preferences

The new Base View feature also has an orientation label from which you can choose different orientations, including a variety of isometric views.

Now you can showcase the most important features of your project by choosing your preferred isometric view when you add a new base view.


Undo & Redo buttons on iPadOS

You told us and we listened: the Undo & Redo buttons are now back in their original location at the bottom corner of your screen. 

Now you don't have to retrain your muscle memory whenever you need to undo and redo actions when modeling on an iPad.


If you like these changes, make sure to update Shapr3D to experience these new features firsthand. You can also try our ongoing History-Based Parametric Modeling Beta to get a sneak peek of what's yet to come.

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