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5.470 - Manage your workflows more seamlessly

This release covered subtle but crucial enhancements to help improve your day-to-day workflow:

Rename projects in the modeling space on Windows

Now you can manage your project names faster by renaming your projects directly from the modeling space.

Simply click on the arrow beside the project name and then enter your preferred name in the provided text field.


Items Manager sidebar

Just like on Shapr3D Windows, the Items Manager sidebar for Shapr3D iPad and Shapr3D Mac are now adjustable, allowing you to navigate to deeper folder hierarchies and view longer names more effortlessly.

Select and drag the edge of the sidebar to adjust it to your preferred width.


Screenshot tool menu

If you're a regular Screenshot tool user on Shapr3D iPad or Shapr3D Mac, you might've noticed that the menu was located at the bottom of the screen.

To give you a more consistent look and feel, the Screenshot tool menu now uses the same layout as the main menu in the modeling space.





Undo & Redo buttons on Windows

Your workflow just got smoother with the new option to customize the placement of your Undo & Redo buttons.

From the file menu, go to File Settings, and then under Undo/Redo Button Position, choose between Title Bar and Bottom bar.



These updates are just the tip of what's coming so make sure to keep an eye out for more. And if you haven't yet, update Shapr3D to try out these new features.

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