5.520 - New constraint settings

Achieve more efficiency with these new updates to constraints, project navigation, and sketches:

Constraint settings

Get a tidier workspace with the new options to show or hide logical constraints and locked dimensions based on your selection. 

To show or hide constraints and locked dimensions settings, click/tap Constraint Settings icon-generic-settings-win.png and then turn on or off Always Show Constraints or Always Show Dimensions. To learn more, visit Constraint Settings.


Sort your projects

Now you can sort your projects by name and modified date to find them faster.

Simply click/tap the Sort icon-dashboard-sort-mac.png under Projects in the Dashboard and then choose how you want to sort your projects and folders. To learn more, visit Manage your projects.


Dashboard keyboard shortcuts

Now you can use keyboard shortcuts for better and faster dashboard navigation in iPadOS and macOS devices.

A few examples for these new shortcuts include adding a new project, expanding and collapsing folders, and going back to the Dashboard.

To learn about the new shortcuts, visit Keyboard shortcuts, gestures, and hotkeys.

Sketch visuals

Sketch visuals now pop more to help you work with complex sketches more effectively.

In the example below, notice how the dimension annotations have a more lightweight but readable look that obstructs the view a lot less.


Sketch dimensions location

Sketch dimensions now stay in their specified place even if you change their values.

This fix resolves issues with dimensions moving to unwanted places, obstructing important parts of the design, or overlapping with other dimensions.


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