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5.580 - New Emissive Material in Visualization

Showcase your models with this new update to Visualization. Plus, a few more enhancements to the History sidebar:

Emissive Material in Visualization

Achieve that final touch of realism to your luminescent models with the new Emissive Material in Visualization.

Just look for Emissive Material under Utility and then adjust the hue slider to pick a color of your choice.


Construction geometry History steps

Each construction geometry now has its own step in History, making it easier to modify the parameters of the different construction axes or plane types.


History Loft parameters

You can now edit loft profiles, loft guides, and the periodicity of lofts for the Loft step in History.

In addition to the Start and End settings for Continuity and Magnitude, now you can update the settings for ProfilesPeriodic Loft, and Guides.



If History is not available in your current Shapr3D version, install the latest Shapr3D Beta to try it.

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