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5.590 - History-Based Parametric Modeling is here

This release officially brings Parametric Modeling out of beta. Explore Design History alongside these additional improvements:

Parametric Modeling is here

The wait is over: History-Based Parametric Modeling is now out of beta. Take your models to the next level of precision with Design History.

To view or refine parameters for your steps, click or tap History.


Advanced fillet settings controls

Advanced fillet settings controls now automatically pop up when selecting the Fillet step in History, making it much quicker to adjust fillet settings for corners, continuity, and curvature.

Just click or tap a Fillet step and then use the gizmo to adjust the settings. 


Projection parameter in Sketches

Now you can modify or fix broken projections more effortlessly with the new “Projection” parameter for sketch steps in History.

Simply click or tap Edit... or Select... to update your projection parameters.


Projection of non-planar faces

Now you can project the silhouette of non-planar faces into sketches. 

Your projection parameters also show up in History, making it easier to modify your projections.


Offset Face gizmo

Easily adjust cylinders and cylindrical holes using the updated gizmo of the Offset Face tool that displays the final radius of selected geometries.

Select any cylinders or cylindrical holes in your model and then use the dimension label to modify the value.5.590-offset-face.gif

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