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5.630 - Create unlinked copies of bodies

Enhance your productivity with these updates to the Copy function and Extrude tool. We’ve also provided some fixes to the Project workflow and 2D Drawings:

Create unlinked copies of bodies

Now you can create unlinked copies of bodies to speed up your conceptual workflow.

Simply make a copy and then select the new link icon beside the Copy badge.


Extrude tool automatically hiding sketches

The Extrude tool now only automatically hides sketches in the Items Manager if all edges in the sketch are used in the extrude command, making it easier to create multiple extrusions from the same sketch.


Projection parameters in sketch mode

Now you can modify projection parameters more effortlessly when you use the Project tool in sketch mode for both 2D and 3D views.

Section views annotations

Section views in 2D Drawings now retain their annotations after a Drawing update. 

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