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5.400 - Manual material orientation

We’re back again with updates to Visualization and the 3D modeling space. Explore the sections below to learn about them:

Manual material orientation in Visualization

Create even more realistic designs that suit your needs using the new manual material orientation in Visualization. Simply go to material properties, then under Orientation, drag the rotate axes sliders to your desired angle. Once you’re happy with the results, select Done.

In this example, we selected a part of the video card, then dragged the Rotate Y slider. You can see how the details of the material starts to blend better with the rest of the parts.


Add detail views from a section view

In the last release, we launched the new 2D Drawings detail views feature — but we didn’t stop there. Now you can also create a detail view from a section view, allowing you to highlight even more intricate details of your 2D drawings.

In this example, we created a detail view from the section view by simply drawing a circle around the area we want to dimension.



These updates are just the beginning of the many upcoming features we have in store for this year. Make sure to install the latest version so you can give these new features a try. And as always, stay tuned for more.

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