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5.440 - User Interface Refresh

We have been talking about this for a while, and it is finally here! Try out the user interface refresh in the latest version of Shapr3D.

Here is a quick overview of the improvements that are part of this refresh:

Project Sidebar

The new Project Sidebar creates a unified space for you to access 3D Modeling, Visualization, and all your 2D Drawings.

Now you can switch between the different spaces by clicking Modeling, Visualization, or Drawings to open the Project Sidebar. The Drawings section in the Project Sidebar also gives you quick access to create, rename, duplicate, and delete your 2D drawings.



Effortlessly access essential tools such as Section View, Isolate, and Measure from the new modes section in the main menu.

To toggle a mode, simply click on your preferred tool to switch its mode status to on or off.


Visual refresh

Increase your productivity with a refreshed visual user interface. The refreshed design now gives you a newly-improved set of beautiful icons that pop more, tweaked typography, a shift to rectangular buttons, and larger labels.

You can now also choose to hide your tool labels and only show them upon hover. Just go to Settings or Preferences, then under Show Menu Button Labels choose your preferred option.


We hope you enjoy working with Shapr3D with the newly-refreshed user interface. For a more in-depth tour, check out our Summer Tour page.


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