Project - Sketches

You can use the Project - Sketches tool to project or cast faces or edges of bodies to a sketch plane. With this tool, you can use sketches from other planes, faces, or edges as a reference to connect your sketch to.

To use the  Project - Sketches tool:

  1. Start a sketch on the plane you want to project on.
  2. From the Sketch menu, select Project - Sketches.
    Note: A purple preview plane will appear on your target plane.
  3. Select the item(s) you want to project. The projected items automatically appear on the purple preview plane.
  4. To finish, select an empty area of the grid. The projected items are shown in purple.

History settings

To manage history settings for the Project - Sketches action, find the step for your specific sketch and then view or modify the following:

  • Plane – Click/tap Edit… or Select… to modify the plane or face where you want the sketch to be and then select Done.



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For information on using Project in a 3D environment, visit Project (3D).

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