Automatic Line/Arc

The automatic Line/Arc icon-sketch-linearc.png tool is a feature specific to using a pen. In Automatic mode, Shapr3D automatically switches your sketch to a line or arc depending on your pen gesture.

Create an automatic Line/Arc

To start sketching using automatic Line/Arc:

  1. Define your sketch plane. 
  2. Start drawing a line or arc. Notice that Shapr3D automatically enters sketch mode and detects what you're drawing.
  3. To switch from arc to line and vice versa while sketching, wiggle your pen.

If you want to override the automatic behavior, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sketch > Line/Arc.
    For other methods of accessing this tool, visit Accessing tools.
  2. Tap the Line Type menu below Line/Arc.
  3. Change Automatic to Line or Arc.
  4. Use your pen to draw a line or arc.

History settings

To manage history settings for the automatic Line/Arc action, find the step for your specific sketch and then view or modify the following:

  • Plane – Click/tap Edit… or Select… to modify the plane or face where you want the sketch to be and then select Done.



Learn more by watching the video below:


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Learn how to create a line or arc.

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