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Adding and removing constraints

You can add and remove constraints in a sketch by using options in the constraints menu and constraint icons in the modeling space.

Adding constraints


You can automate some constraint types by turning on the Auto-constraining settings. For more information on Auto-constraining, see Constraint Settings.

Using the constraints menu

The constraints menu automatically opens while in sketching mode. This menu adapts to show applicable constraints based on your selections.

To add a constraint from the menu:

  1. Select the sketch element(s) you want to constrain.
  2. Select the constraint type.

Note: Some constraint types require selecting more than one sketch element. For information on how to select multiple items, visit Selecting geometry.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Constraints also have keyboard shortcuts, combining the Shift key with an additional letter. You can see the shortcuts for each constraint next to its name in the side menu when using Shapr3D with a keyboard. You can use the shortcuts the same way as the menu: select the element(s) you want to constrain and then press the right key combination. For more information about keyboard shortcuts, visit Keyboard shortcuts, gestures, and hotkeys.


Drag and drop

You can create the following constraints using drag and drop within a sketch:

  • Connected points – Create connected points by dragging one point onto another point.
  • Coincident – Create a Coincident constraint by dragging a point onto a line or curve.
  • Midpoint – Create a Midpoint constraint by dragging a point onto a line's midpoint (indicated in purple)

Points that are connected, Coincident, or have a Midpoint constraint are shown with a filled center. For more information, visit States of sketch points


The Lock constraint fixes a selected element in its current position. Visit Lock/Unlock to learn more.

Removing constraints

You can remove constraints by using Disconnect, Unlock, or by selecting and deleting constraint icons in the modeling space. 


You can control how constraint icons are shown in the modeling space by adjusting the Constraint Settings.

Learn more by watching the video below:

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