Constraint Settings

The Constraint Settings icon-generic-settings-win.png option is where you can adjust options related to constraints. You can find this option in the constraints menu opposite the sketch menu whenever you're working in sketch mode.


The Auto-constraining option can be adjusted to control if constraints are added to your sketch automatically or manually.

When turned off, the only constraints that are automatically created are between connected endpoints or midpoints. To create additional constraints, select sketch elements and choose your preferred constraint from the constraints menu.
When turned on, as you create sketch elements, constraints for connected endpoints and midpoints are automatically created including Horizontal/Vertical, Perpendicular, Tangent (when an arc is created at an endpoint), and Coincident.


Use Sketch Guide Lines to align geometry and automate these constraints. For more information on Sketch Guide Lines, visit Snapping Options.

Constraint & Locked Dimension Visibility

The Constraint & Locked Dimension Visibility setting controls how constraint icons for the active sketch are shown.

  • Always Show Constraints – When turned on, constraint icons are only shown for selected sketch elements.
  • Always Show Dimensions – When turned on, all locked dimensions for the active sketch are shown in the modeling space.

Learn more by watching the video below:

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