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Make construction

You can use Make Construction icon-constraint-makeconstruction.png to convert your sketch elements into construction geometry. 

Construction sketch geometry is indicated with a dashed line font.

Construction geometry is used for reference in a sketch. Some examples of sketch elements used for reference include:

  • A sketch line you create as an axis of symmetry.
  • A sketch line you create as an axis for a Revolve.
  • Sketch geometry that you use to align other sketch elements, such as a horizontal line between arc centers.
  • Sketch geometry that you will reference in a future sketch or feature.
  • Sketch geometry that you will not use for 3D geometry.

Note: Construction geometry will not create a filled sketch.

There is no requirement for reference sketch elements to be converted to construction geometry, but it can be a good way to keep your sketches clean and organized.

To use the Make Construction option:

  1. Select one or multiple existing sketch elements.
  2. Click Make Construction from the constraints menu.

You can convert construction geometry back to regular sketch elements by selecting it and clicking Make Regular icon-constraint-makeregular.png from the constraints menu.


When exporting projects, construction geometry is only visible in the Shapr3D native format. For exported sketches, X_T, STEP, or IGES files, all sketch elements, including construction lines, are skipped.

Learn more by watching the video below:

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