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Move/Rotate (Sketch)

Use the Move/Rotate icon-transform-move-rotate-2d.png tool in sketch mode to move or rotate sketch elements. This tool also included a Copy function that allows for selected elements to be duplicated. The Move/Rotate tool uses the gizmo, which provides arrows and tiles for directional control, can be aligned with other geometry, and includes dimension labels for defining precise movements. 

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To move, rotate, and copy bodies and sketch profiles in the 3D environment, visit Move/Rotate (3D).

Using the Move/Rotate tool

To use the Move/Rotate tool to move or rotate sketch elements:

  1. Within an existing sketch, go to Sketch > Move/Rotate.
    For other methods of accessing this tool, visit Accessing tools.
  2. Select the sketch element(s) you want to move.
    Note: To select a group of connected sketch elements, double-click or double-tap one of the sketch elements in the group.
  3. If you want to move or rotate a copy of your selection rather than the original, select the Copy badge.
    Note: The Copy badge appears as blue when selected.
  4. Use the gizmo to specify the new location.
  5. Complete the Move/Rotate tool by selecting an empty area of the grid.


For simple movements within a sketch, you can select sketch elements and drag them to a new position. For more complex movements, the Move/Rotate tool includes the additional functionality provided by the gizmo.

Moving planes

While in sketching mode, you can move your sketch along the planes using the Move/Rotate tool. 

To move your sketch along the planes:

  1. Set the view to default.
    To learn about the different ways to change the view, visit Orientation Cube or Views and Appearance.
  2. Select Move/Rotate.
  3. Drag the tiles in the gizmo center to move your sketch along the planes.

Moving and adjusting selections

While in sketch mode, you can directly move and adjust selected sketch elements without using the Move/Rotate tool. This specific functionality is useful for adjusting certain sketch elements and constraints. 

To move and adjust your selections, simply select sketch profiles, edge, or points, then drag or adjust them accordingly.


Learn more by watching the video below:

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