You can use the Shell icon-tools-shell.png tool to create models with a uniform wall thickness. This tool allows you to convert a face of any solid geometry into a hollow shell with a defined wall thickness.

To use the Shell tool:

  1. Go to Tool > Shell.
    For other methods of accessing this tool Accessing tools.
  2. Select the face or faces to remove.
  3. Define the wall thickness for the shell using these methods:
    • Drag the arrows to define the wall thickness dynamically.
    • Select the arrows or dimension label to enter a value for the wall thickness using the numpad.
    • If using a keyboard, type a value when the dimension label is highlighted.
  4. Select Done
    Note: When using Shell from the adaptive menu, select an empty area of the grid to complete the tool.

History settings

To manage history settings for the Shell action, find the step for your specific shell and then view or modify the following:

  • Target – Click/tap Edit… or Select… to choose a different target for the face you want to shell and then select Done to finish.
  • Thickness – Enter your preferred shell thickness.



Learn more by watching the video below:

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