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Split Body

You can use the Split Body icon-tools-splitbody.png tool to cut apart 3D bodies with construction planes, grid planes, sketch profiles, faces, or images. This allows you to split a body into multiple bodies without removing any material.

To use the Split Body tool:

  1. Go to Tools > Split Body.
    For other methods of accessing this tool Accessing tools.
  2. Select the bodies that you want to split. Bodies to split will be highlighted in blue and marked with the Split Body badge.
  3. Select a construction plane, grid plane, sketch profile, face, or image for the splitting tool. The splitting tool will be highlighted in purple and marked with a target badge. 
    Splitting tools are projected through the body being split. Therefore, the splitting tool does not need to be in direct contact with the body.
    You can select the badges to redefine selections and toggle them on and off.
  4. If necessary, adjust the Keep Originals setting at the left with any of the following:
    • Keep Originals: Off - When set to Off, only the bodies resulting from the Split Body tool will remain. The original body will be removed. This is the default setting.
    • Keep Originals: On - When set to On, the results of the Split Body tool will be created as new bodies and the original body will still be available. 
  5. Select Done.
    Note: The split body in the image below has been modified. It has been moved in the modeling space for clarity.

History settings

To manage history settings for the Split Body action, find the step for your specific split body and then view or modify the following:

  • Target – Click/tap Edit… or Select… to choose a different body you want to split and then select Done to finish.
  • Surface – Click/tap Edit… or Select… to choose a different surface you want to use as the splitting tool and then select Done to finish.
  • Keep Originals – Toggle the slider to turn on or off the original body.



Learn more by watching the video below:

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