Shapr3D Manual

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Getting started with Shapr3D

Requirements, downloading, subscriptions, account, storage, Shapr3D Cloud


Shapr3D basics

Basic navigation, keyboard shortcuts, peripherals, and managing projects

Modeling concepts

3D modeling concepts and overview

3D CAD modeling concepts

Modeling in Shapr3D


Dashboard, modeling space, Items Manager, and managing projects

Shapr3D Dashboard

Shapr3D modeling space

Items Manager


Manage your projects

General settings
Views and snapping

Views, appearance, and snapping options

Views and Appearance

Orientation Cube

Snapping Options


Shapr3D modeling

Controls, modes, menus, and tools


Share your projects

Webviewer, embeds, AR, and more

Options to share your projects


Embed your projects

Augmented Reality

Capture your projects via Visualization

Screenshot tool


Import and export

Supported file types, exporting, and importing

Supported file types




Mesh files

STL units

CNC cutting

Shapr3D Beta

Installing, updating, submitting feedback, and opting out of beta

Shapr3D Beta features

Install Shapr3D Beta

Update Shapr3D Beta

Submit beta feedback

Opt out of Shapr3D Beta




Get help

Submitting requests, account verification, and how to get support

Submit a request

Verify your account

Create screen recordings for your request

Find hardware and software specifications

EDU license email whitelist guide

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